Social Media & Content Marketing

Two things that become one at H-M3DIA

“Why should I include social media in my marketing strategy?

This is another question that we get quite often, and we usually answer with another question: why should you put fuel in your car?

Just like a car without fuel, having a website and a bunch of social media accounts is useless if you don’t put content into them. The digital world moves fast, content marketing is inherently fast, and if you don’t move fast you’re being left behind. Unfortunately, there’s no middle ground. When it comes to social media there’s only two situations: you’re either active or invisible.

“Easy question. If you want your social media to work well in your content marketing strategy, you should be posting at least three times per week.

Sebastian D. P. Hidalgo, CEO

Social media and content marketing are two sides of the same coin. Don’t trust those who tell you that you can grow and attract new attention just by posting a few times per month: here at H-M3DIA we work hard, smart and fast because that’s what brings results.

Our Content Marketing Process

We cover social media and content marketing from every side: From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram and your website, with us our clients don’t have to think about what to post or about when to post – we take care of everything!

Our job includes photo editing, deep research on our partner’s field of expertise, creation of graphic elements for every social media channel and much more. Here’s how it looks like:

  • We sign a Social Media Management Agreement with the client
  • The client send us material to work with
  • We sit down and start creating the single post images
  • We write the copy for every single post
  • We choose relevant hashtags
  • We write the content for the client's blog
  • We start posting the content across all platforms
  • The client receives a monthly report


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