Some of our most remarkable clients

Ernesto Mejia

Ernesto Mejia is a player for the Saitama Seibu Lions, in the Japanese NPB. He's a former Atlanta Braves player, and with more than 200+ home runs to his name he's been one of Japan's highest-paid baseball athletes.

Mango con Piña

At first look Mango con Piña sells food from abroad, but they actually sell emotions and good memories. In just a few years of existence, they managed to establish themselves as the one of the leading brands in the business of selling to immigrants food that reminds them of their childhood and their homeland.

Meraviglie di Rio Terà

One of the most promising, original and human cosmetics brands: Meraviglie is a Venice-based cooperative that produces its cosmetic products with the help of the inmates of La Giudecca's Women's Prison. They sell organic, vegan and cruelty-free products that give the women the skills to feed their children once they go out of prison.

Ilenia Coratti

Author, first-aider ambulance driver, psychology and body language expert: Ilenia Coratti is an emerging thriller author who writes about abuse, bullying and mind control inside a dangerous, real-life cult. Her first book is about to come out and is currently being translated in English, too.

Al Parco

If you visit the Garda Lake or the Comano area in Italy, you will sure hear about this ice cream parlour. They're renowned in the area, producing home-made, state-of-the-art ice cream that tourists and locals love.

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