Venezuela, Italy, then Frankfurt
& then the World

History of a young international company



From web design projects to a social media post, we always put our best efforts into it.

There was once a man in a country that is no more.

He had little formal education and almost no knowledge of the world, but he had self-belief and a mission: he wanted a brighter future for himself and intended to create it in the best way anybody can think of – by helping his community. He walked into a little country town with only a truck to his name and some bags of something nobody there had seen before: concrete. The community gathered around him as he built the first hardware store in town, a business he ran with his family until his last breath.

That’s how our story begins – with a mentor we met only through the tales of the people that knew him. Inspired by that story, we worked for three years in Italy, freelancing in the marketing field, learning how to help people and how to forge long-lasting relationships with clients. Nevertheless, something was still missing: if our Venezuelan heritage gave us the work ethic, Italy taught us the design, it gave us our distinctive design and human warmth… but we needed something more.

We wanted so much to do what our mentor did, that we followed his steps and took them to a whole other level: what that man did not know was that, as he laid the foundations that pushed a whole town into growth, he was also laying down the bricks of his legacy. Almost a hundred years later, his grandson joins forces with two of his best friends and packs his life in a few bags in order to build a better future for them and their families, and we decided to forge it just like our mentor once did: helping the community.

We decided to take on our spiritual founder’s legacy and walk into a new city, a new country, a new world – we moved to Frankfurt with the goal of becoming the best possible option for the people that allow communities to thrive: business owners. A century after our conceptual mentor founded his hardware store in a faraway country, and more than two decades after its final closure, H-MƎDIA arises in Germany with the goal of helping business owners get in touch with their costumers and improve their online presence.

Our mission is to bring our clients the best service available, one that goes from brand identity and logo design, from website creation to photography, copywriting and social media management. By putting together these skills, we now offer business owners, athletes, influencers, artists and professionals the unique opportunity of trusting their reputation and growth to a single group of experts that take their needs at heart.



Join our partners and embrace the era of digital.

Our name H-MƎDIA represents our high quality service.

H-MƎDIA is the heart we put into every single project.

H-MƎDIA stands for the core values that drive our business: honesty and honor.

Finally, the “H” in our name is a tribute to our conceptual mentor and founder, Lucio R. Hidalgo.

Today, just three years after we started and only four months after our official foundation in Frankfurt, we work with important, relevant and successful personalities from e every field. We offer them our top knowledge of web design, we create great logos and produces top-notch content for their social media: they choose us because here at H-MƎDIA we design experiences and digitalize your success.

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